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Index of the November 2014 Issue

from Administration Matters
Posted on November 15, 2014 by Paul Edison-Swift

Issue 37 of Administration Matters Congregations rethink the tradition of gift-giving with ELCA Good Gifts The average American spends over $700 on Christmas gifts each year. But when we think about the best gifts we have given or received, it is often not the gift itself but the meaning behind the gift that makes it […]

Index of the September 2014 Issue

from Administration Matters
Posted on September 15, 2014 by Paul Edison-Swift

Issue 36 of Administration Matters Health and disability contribution rates increase to meet community needs Portico annually evaluates contribution rates for the ELCA’s self-insured health and disability plans. Due to higher than expected claims and projected increases in future costs, rates will increase for 2015. Sponsoring organizations can estimate their contributions online during open enrollment. […]

Index of July 2014 Issue

from Administration Matters
Posted on July 15, 2014 by Paul Edison-Swift

Issue 35 of Administration Matters Mission Investment Fund offers the expertise of church building consultants Is your congregation or ministry considering a building project? The experienced church building consultants of the Mission Investment Fund can get you started in the right direction. MIF church building consultants help plan building programs that support the congregation’s or […]

Faith Lens has Moved

from Faith Lens
Posted on June 9, 2014 by faithlens

Don’t despair!  Faith Lens is still being posted, but it has moved to  a new location:          

June 8, 2014–Just Breathe

from Faith Lens
Posted on June 3, 2014 by faithlens

Contributed byAaron Matson, Waterton, SD   Warm-up Question Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you (literally or figuratively) or felt like you could not breathe? Just Breathe I suffered from asthma through childhood. While my case was not as severe as some others, there were times when I could not breathe, and […]

“Peace Process” or not, Israeli Occupation Grinds On

from Peace Not Walls
Posted on May 28, 2014 by Robert Smith

During the past two weeks, two events have caught the attention of the international community: the shooting deaths of two teenage protesters in Beitunia and the destruction of thousands of fruit trees on a farm south of Bethlehem. The Nassar family has endured years of harassment by Israeli authorities and set up a retreat center […]

June 1, 2014–Last Words

from Faith Lens
Posted on May 27, 2014 by faithlens

Contributed by Bob Chell, Brookings, SD   Warm-up Question 1)      “Last words” can convey rage, love or meaning. If you knew your life were ending and you wanted to convey your deepest insight about life to guide and inspire others what would you say?  Last Words A recent news article noted that the last words […]

May 25, 2014–Can You Confirm That?

from Faith Lens
Posted on May 20, 2014 by faithlens

Contributed by Paul Baglyos, St. Paul, MN   Warm-up Question Is seeing believing, or is it the other way around? Can You Confirm That? Psychologists use the term “confirmation bias” to describe a behavior common to all people: the way we perceive and interpret information depends upon and tends to confirm what we already believe.  […]

Index of May 2014 Issue

from Administration Matters
Posted on May 15, 2014 by Paul Edison-Swift

Issue 34 of Administration Matters Campaign for the ELCA Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA, is the first-ever comprehensive campaign for our church, approved by the 2013 Churchwide Assembly in response to God’s call to love and serve our neighbors, to boldly respond to the needs of the world with a living, […]

May 18, 2014–Keep the Secret

from Faith Lens
Posted on May 13, 2014 by faithlens

Contributed by Seth Moland-Kovash, Palatine, IL Warm-up Question Who are the people you trust most? Keep the Secret The effort to keep those who know too much quiet is a common theme in books, television, and movies. From gangster movies to Cold War spy novels to fantasy dramas, secrets must be kept at any cost. […]