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Quick Cajun lunches

Red-shirted workers from the Youth Gathering technical communications crew grabbed a quick lunch Monday at a food court near the New Orleans Convention Center. The crew includes volunteers and paid staff. Photo (left side of table, front to back): Kari...

Cruisin’ the Big Easy

Tired of the hassles that come with a full-sized rental car? New Orleans has other options for the 37,000 Lutherans arriving in town this week. These miniature cruisers are for rent outside the Hilton Hotel near the Riverwalk Marketplace. A New...

Symbols of faith in times of recovery

A discarded bathtub from New Orleans served as a focal point at worship Sunday at the Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE). * * * * *

Building up in the Big Easy

MYLE (Multicultural Youth Leadership Event) and DAYLE (Definitely Abled Youth Leadership Event) are in full swing–more pictures and news are coming as we speak. Even while they’re at work, others are working hard to prepare for everyone’s arrival for the...

Stepping to God’s beat

Apu Seyenkulo, 17, of Chicago, rehearses a liturgical dance before worship on Sunday evening. She’s participating in a three-day ELCA multicultural youth event in New Orleans known as MYLE. “The worship is more diverse,” Seyenkulo said. “The  people that come...

A banner welcome

Talk about a welcome. The city of New Orleans is displaying street banners along Convention Center Boulevard that say, “We’re jazzed you’re here!” Another sign reads: Welcome ELCA Youth.