If you don’t Twitter, I’d strongly recommend it for at least the next few days.  The conversation from people across a population of 37,000 is fantastic.  Don’t know how to “do” Twitter?  Learn how, then follow @ELCAyouth and @JJJ09 to start with (and add more as you go!).  Most importantly, check out everyone who uses the phrase “#JJJ09” in their tweets to keep up on all the Youth Gathering news.

Highlights from Twitter this morning:

*As we were walking by a bus atop this morning, a young lady turn to us and said “thanks for being here, God bless you,”.

*Good Morning #JJJ09! Breakfast then learning center later. Very excited to learn about nola’s literacy & how we can help.

*good morning all #jjj09 attendees. we begin our day with prayer for all of you. do good work today in Jesus’ name and have a godly day

Twitter’s a great way to keep in touch, and you don’t even have to make an account anywhere to see what’s going on!


More Twitter highlights –

*read and played with kids, painted a school hallway, now I’m tired but so much more to do and see!

*About to head into the interaction center soon! Can’t wait to check out all the awesomeness in there!

*Check out Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson who will be at the Freedom School in the Interaction Center at 3PM!