Online courses to break new ground in Mexico

Posted on May 17, 2011 by Global Mission Support

The Rev. David and Alicia Brondos are ELCA missionaries in Mexico. David is a professor at the Theological Community of Mexico, an ecumenical consortium of seminaries in Mexico City, which includes Augsburg Lutheran Seminary.  His work involves training pastors and leaders for churches throughout Mexico.  Alicia teaches English in Mexico City.

Alicia and David Brondos

Alicia and David Brondos

David writes:

This past January, at the request of the seminary, I was asked to develop the new online course program for the seminary and serve as its coordinator during its initial stages. This has been a tremendous challenge for me and a great learning experience, since I had never taken or even seen an online course previously. During the last four months, this has occupied a great deal of my time.

We will begin in June, offering two shorter free courses: “Introduction to the Bible” and “Martin Luther and the Reformation.” These free courses will hopefully draw a large number of students and enable people to become acquainted with the courses. For most people this is something totally new, since the area of online courses has not been developed nearly as much in Mexico as in the U.S.

Because the greatest need is for courses at the congregational level, in the initial stage of our program, our focus is on lay information. We will be recording videos for the classes, and that will be our biggest task during the month of May. One of our graduating students, Karina García, will be helping me quite a bit with the courses.

Please remember this new program in your prayers!

To learn more about David and his work, please visit his website.