The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is committed to supporting policies that safeguard God’s creation, address the impacts of climate change on our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, and fulfill our moral obligation to future generations. Because of these commitments, ELCA Advocacy is deeply concerned about the White House’s executive action taken on March 28, 2017 to eradicate our nation’s progress in combating climate change. 

All children of God have a responsibility to be caretakers of our natural world and to preserve our ecosystems for future generations. In striving for climate justice, we understand that the burden of environmental degradation, pollution, and lack of access to resources falls disproportionately on marginalized communities. Therefore, we must cultivate and maintain a healthy and abundant planet that meets the needs of current and future generations.

The ELCA is mindful of the economic challenges faced as individuals and communities transition from employment based on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Any action taken to address climate change must also ensure sufficient and sustainable livelihood for all people.

We call upon the Administration to re-examine its actions under this executive order and to proceed with extreme caution. We also call upon the Administration to remain true to its stated commitment of protecting the environment and to base all actions on principles of stewardship, sustainability, and justice.

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