Welcome back to the ELCA Youth Gathering blog!

It’s been a while since our last blog post, but we are so excited to start it up again for the 2021 Gathering cycle. The blog will serve as a place for those who love and are transformed by this ministry to share their stories, best practices, and insights. It will also serve as a place to be inspired by the incredible impact this ministry has on individuals and communities.

We plan to hear these stories and tips from a wide range of voices including youth participants, adult leaders, Bishops, Gathering staff, team leaders, artists, speakers, learning partners, and Minneapolis leaders within the next two years. If there are specific people you’d like to hear from or topics that you think would make a great blog post, please let us know by email.

We also invite you to subscribe to the Gathering’s blog. This is a separate list from the gNews, which shares important updates about the Gathering. In fact, it would be great for everyone in your congregation or ministry to sign up, so they too can read first-hand the impact the Gathering has on individuals and communities.

We’ll see you next Thursday!