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Word on the street

If you don’t Twitter, I’d strongly recommend it for at least the next few days.  The conversation from people across a population of 37,000 is fantastic.  Don’t know how to “do” Twitter?  Learn how, then follow @ELCAyouth and @JJJ09 to...

Dancin’ in the dome

Headed to a work project now with youths. Below is a brief summary of ingredients from last night’s Superdome event. More later. Big purple cross Ten big screens Fireworks Bathtub bishop Cartoon Martin Luther shirtless and wrapped in towel Lots...

“The Gathering Is On”

Take a look at this introduction to the Gathering, courtesy of LutherTube by Brett Nelson:

New Orleans welcomes JJJ09

In a variety of ways, the people of New Orleans are truly excited to see the youth of the ELCA arrive and prepare for their ServantLife events. The presence of 37,000 participants sets the stage for much-needed service work to...

4:20 p.m.; Marriott lobby

Music starts at the Super Dome at 6:30 p.m. Will we make it? At my hotel, it’s pure Lutheran madness (in a good sense). Lots of teens still arriving. Four busses are parked outside and more are lined up down...

Gathering Shirts

Groups at the Youth Gathering tend to bring really cool shirts.  You can check out some of the early-bird entries at the Gathering Shirts gallery, which will be updated throughout the week.