“Lifting, Loving, Learning” read the headline in this morning’s New Orleans Times-Picayune.Times-Picayune

Underneath was a large photo of Lutherans streaming into the downtown convention center. A long story about 2009 ELCA Youth Gathering followed.

The event is a hopeful sign to the city because it’s the largest convention booked since Hurricane Katrina struck four years ago. Secondly, the youth gathering is sending out thousands of youths and adults to work on recovery projects on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Here’s an except from the article:

After Katrina, “there was no way we could not come to New Orleans,” said Donna Wiegel, a Lutheran planner and an early, passionate advocate for the city in the critical days of 2006 when church leaders had to finalize their 2009 meeting plans.

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I’m sure they wouldn’t mind hearing a word of thanks for their coverage, if you’re inclined.