Missionary moment: Phil and June Nelson

Posted on February 22, 2010 by Global Mission Support

I share this “missionary moment” from ELCA missionaries Phil and June Nelson (Cameroon) in memory of “Gramma” Platts and in recognition of the many missionaries who have lost a loved one during the last year.  Even when our missionaries grieve from far away, they are held in the comforting embrace of prayers that know no geographic bounds.  If you should give a donation to ELCA Missionary Sponsorship as a memorial gift, ask  Global Mission Support  to send you a  “Remembering” tribute card.  Congregations may want to keep a packet of cards available for memorial gifts.  Life-well-lived blessings, Sue Edison-Swift.

Dear Friends,
 Gramma Platts made it to 97 years of serving those around her.  In the last few years, she was not able to show her love the way that she loved the most.  This was through her cooking.  In these last years, every time visited she always apologized for not cooking something for us. 

Albena Platts kept gardening, and canning the produce, as long as she possibly could.  She valued her independence by living in her own house until just a few weeks ago.

Gramma lived through two World Wars and the depression in between them. She raised her family with four children through all the instability that came through all that time.  Even until the last, she kept doing puzzles to keep her mind sharp.  Towards the end, her body kept failing her and finally it just gave out. She saw her great, great, granddaughter and we have five generation photos, and video, to prove it.

Gramma’s values, and memory, live on in her children and grandchildren. We recognize her contribution to our lives and love her for it. It is difficult to let her go, but we know that when we get to heaven there will be Gramma’s buns fresh out of the oven made with her special recipe with love mixed into them.  There are sure to be enough of them for all her loved ones, and anyone else who comes along. 

June and Phil