A new form of missionary sponsorship

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Global Mission Support
The profits from “Collectible Recipe Tins and Boxes” will help support the work of Nancy Stevenson.

The profits from “Collectible Recipe Tins and Boxes” will help support the work of Nancy Stevenson.

Mike Amstutz and his mother are both teachers and collectors. Some of their collections include over 500 nativities, 700 Madonnas, nearly 500 crosses, and a combined collection of 400 recipe boxes. Pieces from their recipe box collection date back to 1938 and come from around the world. As Mike approached retirement from teaching after 35 years, his wife proposed a project. She suggested that Mike and his mother put together a book showcasing their varied collection of recipe boxes, since there was no pictorial guide or price list anywhere.  Mike agreed. As a labor of love they published a brief history and guide to this “sleeper niche” of collectibles. The book includes over 200 pictures of boxes from their combined collections. Much like the people who have shared recipes and food from these boxes, they wanted to give the profits of their book to help others.

Nancy Stevenson is a missionary working in Tanzania, she also happens to be Mike’s cousin. It was decided that the profits from their book would go to Nancy and the work she has done at Makumira Theological Seminary for nearly 30 years. As Mike says, “We are truly a global community and this is just a small way in which we can reach out and share our blessings with others.”

If you are interested in purchasing the book “Collectible Recipe Tins and Boxes” for $20, please e-mail Mike at mamstutz2@roadrunner.com.

ELCA missionary Nancy Stevenson teaches communications skills and study methods to first-year theology, education and music students at Makumira University College, a school of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. To support Nancy, or another of the ELCA’s nearly 250 missionaries, go to www.elca.org/missionarysponsorship.