Today is World Humanitarian Day (WHD). This is a day that highlights the work of humanitarian aid organizations and workers all across the globe. Theirs are the hands and feet on the ground during times of disaster, both natural and man-made. They bring God’s hope to those most vulnerable.

On this day, we also highlight the 130 million people are living in crisis. The United Nations is pushing their Agenda for Humanity. In it, the Secretary-General is calling on global leaders to commit to 5 core responsibilities:core respons

  • End and Prevent Conflict
    • 80% of all humanitarian needs are driven by conflict
  • Respect Rules of War
    • 90% of people killed or injured by explosive weapons in populated areas are civilians
  • Leave No One Behind
  • Work Differently to End Need
    • 43% of people live in fragile situations. By 2030 that number is estimated to climb to 62%.
  • Invest in Humanity

General Secretary Ban Ki Moon said, “I call upon global leaders to place at the forefront of all policies, strategies and decision-making.” As church, we are called to love our neighbors and to bear each other’s burdens. It is said that this is how we fulfill Christ’s law.

At Churchwide Assembly, the rev. Dan Rift, talked about communities that are experiencing crisis often feel like they aren’t noticed. He said, “Struggling with the aftermath, long after the headlines change, they wonder, ‘are we remembered?’” Humanitarian Aid Organizations and Workers are there to remind those affected by these crises that they are not alone.

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Continue to pray for the people affected by disaster, may God’s healing presence comfort them in their time of need.


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