Megan Brandsrud

​Ohio experienced 20 consecutive days of rain and 3 major storms that produced flash flooding during those 20 days this spring and early summer. On May 29, heavy rainstorms hit Ohio that caused flooding in 6 counties. On June 14, another series of storms swept across Ohio, causing flood damage in 3 different counties. 17 homes were left totally inaccessible due to damage of private bridges. In total, 365 homes were destroyed or suffered major damage, and 1,598 homes experienced minor damage.

Local long-term recovery groups have been meeting to make plans for recovery efforts, and our affiliate in the area, Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio, has been a part of these meetings. Working with our affiliate, Lutheran Disaster Response is providing for three case managers to help families who were affected by the severe weather navigate their way through the recovery process. There are many components to managing one’s recovery from disaster, and processes can be overwhelming and confusing. Case managers help people with some of these processes, such as filing insurance claims and helping arrange for unmet needs.


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Ohio’s Lutheran Disaster Response volunteers rebuild a survivor’s house with their Thrivent Action Dollars

The three case managers that will be working with our affiliate will provide assistance to approximately 365-400 families over the course of 6-12 months.

When disasters occur in the U.S., Lutheran Disaster Response works with a network of social ministry organization affiliates that are located around the country. Because Lutheran Disaster Response believes that every disaster is local and every response should be rooted in the community, our affiliates help Lutheran Disaster Response to respond on a local level as they are based in communities around the U.S. where our disaster responses occur.

We will continue to work with our trusted affiliate in the area and will keep you updated on new response developments. Please hold the people in Ohio who were affected by the severe weather in your prayers as they navigate their way through recovery to post-disaster renewal.

Please support the disaster response work in Ohio by visiting the Lutheran Disaster Response giving page.