Mary Minette, Director of Environmental Advocacy

Last week, Lutheran leaders across the US testified before the EPA to publicly proclaim that Climate Change is a moral dilemma, and to announce their support for the proposed Clean Power Plan.  “For us as Lutheran Christians, addressing environmental concerns is part of what it means to live as responsible caretakers of the earth,” said Rev. Robert Moss in Denver, Colorado. “… I believe that support for the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule to regulate and reduce carbon emissions is part of our responsibility.” Excerpts of some of their testimonies can be found on our Advocacy Blog!

We write today to ask you to join these fellow Lutherans in taking action! Here are three steps you can take to help address climate change caused in part by pollution from our nation’s power plants:

  1. Submit a comment to the EPA through our Action Center, telling them why you support addressing Climate Change and protecting God’s Creation by reducing carbon emissions at our nation’s power plants.
  2. Sign the Faith Climate Petition urging US Leaders to become more engaged in negotiations for a new global climate change agreement.
  3. Join the People’s Climate March on Sept. 21, 2014 in New York City as world leaders meet to discuss a framework for international action on climate change. Be sure to check out group transportation options​, and RSVP on our Google Form​ as well. If you can’t make it to New York, find or help plan an event that weekend in your own community!

As people of faith, we are equipped to name and to confront this moral crisis. As the impacts of Climate Change are becoming more severe on our most vulnerable neighbors, the time for action is now! Share how you are addressing climate change in your congregation or community, and be sure to pass along any stories you may have to our office (!