The “And It Is Good” photo exhibition is an invitation to contemplate the diversity of creatures that give glory to God in their being and who tend to our well-being. Que seamos inspiradas e inspirados a dar gracias por cada criatura de Dios y toda la creación divina. Each photo is paired with verses from the Bible. Cada foto se entrelaza con versículos de la Biblia.

May we be inspired to give thanks for each of God’s creatures and all of God’s creation. May we be moved to safeguard the conditions that make for justice, protect the integrity of creation, and promote peace and wellness in the web of life.

Launched in New York and Geneva in September 2019 during the United Nations Climate Action Summit, the exhibit draws attention to the importance of biodiversity and affirms that the creation is good. It is jointly presented by ACT Alliance, The Lutheran World Federation, the World Communion of Reformed Churches, and the World Council of Churches.

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