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[God’s] power in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine.
(Ephesians 3:21 CEV)

When we live into the limitless, we open ourselves up to taking risks, to trying new things, to see ourselves as important pieces in our world. Limitless is about removing the limits we often put on ourselves and others and to live into a potential that is far more than we dare ask or imagine.

After reflecting on the 2021 Gathering’s theme of boundless: God beyond measure, the tAble planning team was struck by this verse. We worship a God that is greater than anything we could ever fathom. Sadly, we frequently look inward and limit ourselves. When living in a world with less limits, we rely on God’s love, grace and power to make the impossible possible.

At the tAble, we will explore the story of Ester, who reminds us that we are wanted, valued but most importantly a needed part of our community. We are called to the places where our piece fits, where we can make a difference and are able to be something that is bigger than we can ever imagine. Esther also reminds us that we are called to be in community that pushes us to use what God has given us for advocacy and for helping others see their limitless potential.

the tAble is a pre-event to the Gathering that blesses and empowers young people who live with a wide range of physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities so that they might grow as faithful, wise and courageous witnesses. To learn more, visit: