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– Evelyn Soto

Why should the youth of your congregation attend the 2018 Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE) in Houston?  Why come to this pre-Gathering event?

Here are some wonderful reasons why your youth of color should register.

  • Growing in leadership. MYLE is an amazing opportunity for youth of color (Latino, African, African-American, Asian, American Indian and Native American, multi or bi-racial youth) to gain confidence and grow as leaders.  They will have an opportunity to see others who resemble and sound like them in key leadership roles—leading music, worship, preaching, teaching, mentoring, and so much more. MYLE exposes and encourages youth to enhance their leadership potential at the event, at the Gathering, and most especially when they return home.
  • Building relationships, community, and networking. This event focuses on youth getting to know others at the event through many experiences, including worship, workshops, sharing meals, and fellowship events.  At every MYLE, youth are invited to come and share their culture with others through song, dance, dress, and conversation.  All cultures are shared, respected and appreciated.
  • Growing in faith and being a witness to Jesus’ love in a just world. All MYLE participants are involved in worship and learning experiences that impact their faith, broaden their understanding of what it means to be a youth of color in our world/context, and grow in their capacity, understand and fluency for the gift of diversity in the Lutheran church and in the world.

My daughter, Amanda, attended two MYLEs and Gatherings (2011 and 2013). In 2015, she volunteered as part of the Stage Crew for the Gathering. Earlier this year, she graduated with a degree in English and minor in Theater. I know that she has been impacted by these events and experiences, and they helped shape who she has become—a powerful young woman who is vocally passionate about justice and equity in the world.  I am grateful for having the opportunity to witness this.

Come to MYLE and see God at work, now and beyond.