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Why Interactive Learning?

– Claire Meyer

The Gathering does really, really big things really, really well. One of those really, really big things is Interactive Learning. We have some really, really big and exciting things in store for you.

Interactive Learning is a prime example of the really large scale-ness of the Gathering. In Houston, the Interactive Learning team will partner with over 40 organizations to fill 700,000 square feet with hands-on, creative, and engaging experiences. That’s over 12 football fields of space. We will house things like the blood drive to collect 1,000 pints of blood, and a hair donation station with hopes that 750 people will donate eight or more inches of hair. We will be your go-to place for the firsthand exploration of the daily themes. We are planning ways for you to pick up the daily themes and look at them from many different angles, like:

  • talking about the daily themes with the people you came with and with people you just met,
  • practicing the daily themes right then and there, and
  • then taking home the experience and practicing the daily themes some more.

As much as I love the big stuff, Interactive Learning is all about the small one-on-one moments. Moments where an individual young person realizes that this Jesus thing makes sense. Moments where they connect with an organization doing God’s work that speaks directly to them and their passions. Moments where they discover how God has gifted them and is calling them to use those gifts. These small moments are the ones that make the biggest difference. We offer a huge range of things to do and see. We do this because we have 30,000 individuals who each need a moment to connect with God, to connect with their vocation, and to connect with their church.

The big thing that Interactive Learning does best is creating tens of thousands of small moments.

We can’t wait to help you find your moment that changes everything!