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Meet Andrea

– Andrea Martínez

My name is Andrea Martínez, and I serve as the Team Leader for the Communications Team for the 2018 Gathering.

What exactly does this team do, you may wonder? This is the team that is joyfully responsible for the 24-hour infoline, social media, photography, livestream, videography, mobile app, printed guide, and of course, the amazing blog. We are also well connected to the important work of other Gathering teams, supporting their communication needs.

Through our work, we help tell the story of the Gathering to those who might attend, those who do attend, and those who support participants in Houston.

Though I never had the privilege to attend as a participant, this is my third Gathering—the first was in New Orleans in 2012 with Service Learning and the second was in Detroit in 2015 in Interactive Learning.

I currently work in marketing and outreach with Habitat for Humanity International. I am also pursuing a Master in Public Health from Emory University—almost half way through. Prior to my work with Habitat, I had the pleasure of serving as the Director of Communications with the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod—the Gathering’s host synod for 2018.

I look forward to connecting with you in the coming months and in June 2018 in Houston—be that through Instagram stories, snaps, tweets, photographs, videos, or face-to-face. #ELCAYG2018