Hi everyone! My name is Veronica, I’m from Philly and I serve on the 2022 MYLE planning team, working with our volunteers. I’m working hard to recruit and develop the best volunteers to make this event unforgettable for all of our participants.

Speaking of volunteers, can you remember a time when you volunteered for something? Was it for an hour, a day, or even a week? I’ve traveled all over the world, but my favorite service activity was actually during the 2006 MYLE in San Antonio. We weren’t painting, hammering, or even collecting trash – we were spending time and getting to know the youth living in San Antonio. Our assignment was to play games and hang out with teens from the local community center. We shared how living in San Antonio and Philly were different, and yet kind of the same.

Sometimes, volunteering can be confusing or stressful. You may experience nervousness or anxiety when you have to learn a new skill quickly, meet new people, or speak to a group. I understand how you may feel. But, what’s the potential – the upside of serving others? What could I learn? Who could I meet? How could this experience help me get closer to others, myself, and to Jesus? 

To find the perfect example of volunteerism and service, look no further than Jesus and His Disciples. They were out there working, sharing, healing, teaching, and preaching. Sometimes they went hungry. Sometimes they were rejected and chased out of town. But you know what they did? They just dusted their sandals off and kept it moving. 

God calls us to serve our neighbors, but we are also called to walk beside them, listen, and help them dream. I’m really excited to meet you next summer. I’ll be ready, our team will be ready,  the city of Saint Paul, MN will be ready, the University of St. Thomas will be ready. Will you? 

See you next summer!


If you are interested in serving as a volunteer at the 2022 Multicultural Youth Leadership Event, please email the Gathering office at gathering@elca.org.