Lost&FoundWhen I walked into my New Orleans hotel last night, William Wright (left) and Jacob Lucht seemed like an answer to a prayer. They were standing in the lobby with big smiles on their faces directing people to Lost and Found.

“Oh, it’s so nice that you’re doing this,” I told them. “Did many people lose things this week?”

They seemed puzzled. “I lot my hat yesterday,” I said. “Any chance somebody found it?”

Wright burst out laughing. I sensed that something wasn’t, well, right.

“You’re not really pointing people to a recovery area for lost items, are you?” I said.

“Nooooo,” Wright said and giggled. “Lost and Found is a band.”

(I read the program. Why didn’t I remember this?!)

Wright and Lucht, both 17, are from Peace Lutheran Church in College Station, Texas.