– Molly Beck Dean

There is some curiosity about my job, so our fabulous blog editors thought it would be fun to do a “day in the life of the Gathering Director” post. I’m on the road five to fifteen days a month, but when I’m not out meeting with fabulous folks promoting and planning the Gathering, I’m hanging out in a cubicle on the 9th floor of Higgins Road in Chicago. This particular day in January felt especially ordinary so we thought it would be fun to share!

8:25am: Arrive to the office, general chit chat, and hot beverage getting with colleagues.

8:40am: Open the email inbox and be pleasantly surprised when there are only 20 new messages since 10pm last night. Time to reply!

9:15am: Done enough with emails for now. On to contract writing! Today’s checklist includes Service Learning lunches, a Mass Gathering speaker, and a MYLE worship leader.

10am: Check-in meeting with the fabulous Chicago-based Gathering staff. #blessed

12pm: Lunch at my desk (a bad habit), sign some new hotel contracts, then book flights for the ELCA Youth Core Leadership Team members for their March meeting.

12:45pm: More emails, check social media.

1pm: Off to meet with a representative from the Network of ELCA Colleges & Universities!

1:30pm: More emails.

2pm: Finalize details and the news release for our Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands fundraiser.

2:15pm: Eat some Sour Patch Kids.

2:17pm: More emails.

3pm: Meet with colleagues from Mission Investment Fund to finalize plans for their presence at the Gathering.

3:30pm: Work with colleagues on the Gathering’s plans for being at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s Extravaganza.

4pm: More emails, more social media, more Sour Patch Kids.

4:17pm: Phone call with the Convention & Visitors’ Bureau in our 2021 Gathering host city!

4:25pm: Back to emails!

4:45pm: Finish up 2017 staff evaluations.

5:10pm: Pretend to straighten up my desk and pack up to go home.

5:12pm: Someone stops by the cube with a question and some friendly chat.

5:20pm: Putting my coat on, really leaving this time.  Remember I was supposed to print something for a meeting this weekend so I fire my computer back up.

5:25pm: Grab a few more Sour Patch Kids and hit the road.

Another full and wonderful day as Director of the ELCA Youth Gathering!