Greetings! My name is Jennifer Baker-Trinity. As a Deacon in the ELCA and the new Program Director for Resource Development here in the ELCA/Augsburg Fortress, I am excited to share with you a bit about this shared position and a little about me.


About this new position…


“Program Director for Resource Development.” After managing the 12-syllable title, you might wonder, what is that? This new position is creative in that it is shared between the ELCA worship office and Augsburg Fortress, part of 1517 Media. Since Augsburg Fortress works closely with the worship office in publishing materials for the church, it makes sense to have someone working in both worlds. On the Augsburg Fortress side, my position will include editing Sundays and Seasons and other worship/music related resources. With wonderful colleagues, I look forward to visioning together about resources to serve the church.


In the ELCA world, I will be helping to lead events and teach, thereby connecting leaders to resources that will help them along the way. For example, my first task will be in working with the upcoming Worship at the Center event: “Journeying from Ash Wednesday to Easter.” I am thrilled to be working with a talented team of presenters who will engage us in why and how we keep The Three Days (shameless plug: Registration goes up in mid-September at so stay tuned!)


About me…


I come to this position with a background in liturgy and church music and a love for interdisciplinary work. I found the training of musicians with pastors at the then Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia to be especially formative for my call as well as my involvement with the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians (ALCM). Since seminary, I served as a writer and church musician, most recently from Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania.


Another hat I wear is serving as Co-Director for the Institute of Liturgical Studies at Valparaiso University. This Institute has continually been a source for my spiritual renewal, first as a college student in the previous millennium!


I am discovering a few of this state’s ten thousand lakes as I make my home with my spouse, three children and one cat in Shoreview, Minnesota. I work out of the office at 1517 Media in Minneapolis. I even got to see the eclipse out the 8th floor window on my first day!


I look forward to good conversations and partnerships in this church and beyond.