I can’t imagine not having easy access to clean water–it makes me thirsty just thinking about it. I’m glad to know that providing clean water is a key priority of ELCA World Hunger–building wells, cisterns, reservoirs, water management committees, sanitation facilities–nice to know that each month when I give to this ministry I help make clean water more accessible for others.

This year on World Water Day I’m inspired to also learn more about my own source of drinking water–Lake Michigan. Last summer, Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management approved a permit for the BP oil company to increase the amount of ammonia and “suspended solids” (what does that mean?!?) it can dump into the lake. There was a huge public outcry and BP has now said that they won’t do it–though as I understand it, the permit still stands.

I think I’ll check out the Great Lakes Commission and learn what they are working on to protect these bodies of water. And–if the weather ever warms up enough–I’ll resume my weekly lakeshore bike rides…I miss that quality time with my lake.

Also, did you see Stephen Colbert’s special reporT on water Thursday night?