Father Bassilius Nassar, a Greek Orthodox priest who was helping a wounded man, was shot and killed in Hama on Wednesday.  Both the government and the opposition blamed the killing on the other.  This was the same day the Secretary General of the Syrian Red Cross, along with 23 others, were killed.  Reports of what really happened with both murders are contradictory.  We send our condolences to members of the Greek Orthodox Church and Christian community, as well as to the people of Syria who are experiencing such brutal violence and fear.  More than 5000 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began in mid-March of 2011. 

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the people of Egypt, as they celebrated one year since the January 25 uprising of last year.  We hope and pray that the outcomes of this Arab Spring bring peace, tolerance, justice and a better tomorrow for the people of Egypt.