Teaching future worship leaders in Singapore

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Global Mission Support
Jeffrey Truscott

Jeffrey Truscott

The Rev. Jeffrey Truscott is an ELCA missionary in Singapore.

Greetings from Singapore!

I was on study leave in the U.S. from June to December of last year working on a book, which will be published in late April by Armour Press of Singapore. Worship: A Practical Guide is largely based on my lectures and worship experiences of the last 11 years in both Japan and Singapore. My hope is that it will spur Asian churches to think more deeply about the need for worship to incorporate the music, art, architecture, gestures and expressions of their local cultures.

Currently, I am back at Trinity Theological College (TTC) in Singapore teaching courses on worship. I am grateful for the opportunity to shape the thinking of future worship leaders from Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian and Lutheran churches. (Because the Lutheran church of Singapore is relatively small, there are only two of its members enrolled here now.)

TTC, a multi-denominational seminary, has about 220 students in its various degree programs. Most of our students are financially supported by their individual congregations and usually return to full-time ministry in these churches after graduation — although they may eventually serve other congregations after their ordination.

Besides the challenge of teaching students from different denominational backgrounds, I also face some difficulties due to varying degrees of ability in English — which for most international students, is a second language. But often I am amazed at how well some students are able to communicate in English. We Americans could take a lesson from people around the world who are proficient in a second language!

The Lutheran Church of Singapore (LCS) continues to minister with great enthusiasm as well as commitment to the Lutheran theological and worship traditions. Recently, the LCS published its own first-communion curriculum for children 4 years old and younger — an amazing accomplishment for a small national church of only seven congregations. The leadership of Bishop Terry Kee, especially his commitment to Lutheran identity, is an inspiration. Please continue to pray for your fellow Lutherans here in Singapore!

Finally, let me thank you for your support through prayer and financial contributions to the ELCA missionary sponsorship program. I am grateful for everything you do for me! I also want to thank those churches who invited me to share about my ministry during my study leave last year. Your hospitality was much appreciated.

Regards in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A Truscott
Trinity Theological College
490 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678093