Cards bring it home for the holidays

Posted on December 21, 2009 by Global Mission Support

As this Story of Faith in Action (SOFIA) illustrates, Operation Thanks-Giving blessed both giver and receiver.  Thanks to Marianne Griebler and Denise Brown for their work telling the story. Find this and other SOFIA stories under “Outreach” at all the “Hand in Hand” blog digest posts related to Operation Thanks-Giving at Read on and enjoy an extra helping of thankfulness this Christmas season. Sue Edison-Swift

Edwin Holmvig-Johnson’s first Thanksgiving as a missionary was also his first away from home.

Edwin is a Young Adult in Global Mission with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). He teaches reading and writing to children in primary school in the U.K.

“My homesickness had been fairly stable up until that week,” he said. “The weather was gray and it starts to get dark here around 4:00 in the afternoon. It was a hard week.”

Then, a package from the ELCA churchwide organization in Chicago arrived.

Edwin opened it expecting to find official forms needing his John Hancock. Instead he found a package filled with handmade cards, compliments of the first annual Operation Thanks-giving, a new ELCA missionary support initiative.

“There were these fantastic cards and greetings from a congregation (Trinity Lutheran Church in Vale, N.C.) that I’d never met on the other side of ‘the Pond.’ It felt wonderful to know that I was being thought of and prayed for and made it easier to keep going,” Edwin said.

For her part, Ginger Crisman, evangelism committee chairperson at Trinity, was inspired by the idea of involving her congregation in Operation Thanks-giving. Early in November she supplied 150 worshipers with colored paper, crayons and pens prior to Sunday service. The Rev. John Locke encouraged each card-marker to say a prayer for the recipient of their creations.

Worshipers from age 3 to 83 put their artistic talent to use, creating about 93 cards for ELCA missionaries and 93 cards for military service personnel. “It was everything we hoped for,” Ginger said. “God works in big and little ways. This was a little way.”

“Show the Missionaries Some Love”

The Rev. Twila Schock, ELCA program director for Global Mission Support, knew this “little way” could have a big impact.

In 1994, Twila was a first-year missionary in Slovakia. The excitement of the assignment was wearing off by Thanksgiving, Twila recalled, when everything (language, shopping, daily routines) just seemed hard. But a Thanksgiving care package she received turned out to the best cure for homesickness.

Earlier this year, Twila shared her story with Sue Edison-Swift, associate director for Global Mission Support, and that was all Sue needed to hear. “We’ve got to show the missionaries some love,” she said, and the first annual Operation Thanks-giving was born.

Operation Thanks-giving took a page from Hand in Hand, the theme for the Global Mission Support newsletter. Card makers were asked to use their hands to draw and decorate turkeys on the cards.

This Thanksgiving, 258 ELA missionaries in five countries received a package of cards crafted by 15 congregations and two units at the churchwide organization. Some congregations choose to send cards directly to missionaries they support.

Having Faith in the Work that God Can Do

Those cards deeply touched Emily E. Ewing, a missionary in Rankovce, Slovakia, worlds away from her hometown of Vail, Colo.

“The fact that people I don’t know and who don’t know me sent me the cards was big for me,” she said. “It just shows so much faith in the work that God can do with each of us and faith in our church, as well, that they will send cards knowing that they’re going to someone who is far from home, following God’s call.

“It was really cool that so many people believe so strongly in the work God does with the church that they would send cards.”

On November 15 during Sunday school at St. John Lutheran Church of Farmersville in Easton, Pa., 22 people each made three cards for missionaries and military persons serving in Baghdad.

“We often hear about the needs of military units who are deployed over the holidays. I had never considered the same type of need for missionaries,” said the Rev. Roxi Kringle, pastor of St. John.

The excitement surrounding Operation Thanks-giving was contagious. “The (Sunday School) room was buzzing by the time I got down,” Pastor Kringle said. “A couple boys asked their recipients to write back. The thank you notes the church received from Iraq had the class beaming.”

A Wonderful Sense of Connection

Michael and Terri Church, a husband-and-wife pastor team serving as English-language mission developers in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, saw Thanksgiving arrive as they struggled to become acclimated with a new culture.

Hoping to downplay their loneliness by discounting the holiday, they decided to make Thanksgiving just another day. “Under my breath, I quoted a favorite line from (the movie) ‘Rocky’: ‘To you it’s Thanksgiving; to me it’s Thursday,'” Michael said.

What a difference a day can make.

“Friday’s mail brought our Operation Thanks-giving cards,” Michael said. “Completely unexpected, out of the blue, came these wonderful handmade cards from complete strangers, in Lutheran churches all over the country, reminding us that we weren’t alone, and that there were people at home giving thanks to God for all their blessings — and even that we ourselves, as missionaries, were one of those blessings. It gave us a wonderful sense of connection to our country and to our church.

“Thanks again to everybody who took part in it,” Michael added. “May God be with you all!”


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  1. on December 22nd, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Dear Operation Thanksgiving People:

    Thank you so much for the greetings, well wishes and colored thanksgiving greetings. Margit and I appreciate so much your support of us – even though we are many kilometers separated from you. We thank you for your prayers, work that is done on our behalf and the gifts of joy and hope you share with us.

    At this Advent/Christmas time we wish you the joy of Jesus born to us who give us hope, grace, love and salvation. May you and yours find time to relax and enjoy the presence of Christ in this time.

    Blessings –
    Ben and Margit
    (The Rev. Ben and Margit Coltvet are ELCA Missionaries serving in Germany)