Giving thanks: Pr. Kevin Jacobson

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This is the next in a series of “Give thanks!” moments offered by ELCA missionaries and sponsors. Learn more about Operation Thanks-Giving at–Pr. Twila Schock.

Kevin Jacobson (Suriname) writes: “My first Thanksgiving in Suriname was in 2008. The United States Ambassador invited all employees of the US Embassy, Peace Corps offices and other Americans to her home for a Thanksgiving feast.  She, with much assistance from others, cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It was a blessing to spend the day in her beautiful home along the Suriname River with 200 other people.  With the temperature soaring to nearly 100 degrees, the Ambassador’s pool offered its own refreshment. 

The Ambassador asked me if I would be willing to give grace before the meal. Knowing that the group gathering were people of many faiths and traditions I chose to read Chief Seattle’s prayer. Since that day I have been asked by people of many faiths who were in attendance to lead an opening prayer for various occasions around the city. I give thanks to all wonderful past leaders like Chief Seattle who through their vision and wisdom continue to open the doors for those of us and future generations.

I also give thanks to Any Inkt, the 18 year old son of the caretaker of Martin Luther Church in the center of Paramaribo, for driving me around the city and the streets so that I could learn how to safely navigate them. ”

JacobsonThe Rev. Kevin Jacobson (left) is an ELCA missionary serving in Suriname.  He works in parish ministry and leadership development. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname has four congregations and about 4,000 members. With historical ties to the Netherlands, the people of this country in the northern part of South America speak Dutch.


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  1. Aundo Aitau said,

    on February 4th, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I am from Papua New Guinea and would like to get in touch with Rev. Kevin Jacobson. I am one of his former student from Balob Teachers college and later University of Goroka. I am teaching here at the University of Papua New Guinea. My email address:

  2. David Philip said,

    on October 3rd, 2012 at 8:27 am

    Pastor Kevin L Jacobson,
    May the Lord bless and give you peace, strength and wisdom as you continue to serve HIM in Suriname as you did in Papua New Guinea.
    The person who loves God is known by Him.(1corin 8:3)

    Your former student and brother in Christ.

    David Philip
    Enga PNG
    Email address: