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Posted on April 14, 2011 by Global Mission Support

Dana Olson is an ELCA missionary in London.

The card and flower given by the student.

The card and flower given by the student.

So since it’s been a few months (more like a year . . . so sorry about my lack of communication) since I’ve sent out an up-date on the missions work I’ve felt called to in London, I’ve decided to send out a mid-week e-mail­­­
­­­every Wednesday. These will be a quick story with a photo (none of the actual children, since I’m not allowed to do that, sorry) about one of the children I’m teaching.

Some of you might have read this story on Facebook already, but I thought I’d expand it for you. I’ve also changed the boy’s name:

A few weeks ago I had to take one of my year-2 boys (about 6 years old), Felix, I teach out of P.E. to come to a Springboard lesson, which he came to very willingly. Felix comes from an incredibly loving and supportive family (which is very rare amongst the children who come to Springboard) and his mom works in the school and is 8 months pregnant. Felix’s mom had to pick him up early for one of her doctor’s appointments, as his dad was at work and wouldn’t be able to pick Felix up after school. Because his mom works at the school, I’ve come to get to know this family quite well and she’s always been welcome to come and watch Felix’s lesson. She came to pick Felix up during his Springboard lesson to head to the doctor’s appointment and he started crying because he didn’t want to miss his lesson at Springboard. The next week, Felix’s mom came in before school and handed me a card and a daffodil from him. On the inside it read: “Sorry i was so grumpy on Thursday. Love Felix” It also had some wonderful drawings of flowers and hearts and such. It was so wonderful to see how much Springboard makes an impact on the children in the schools we teach in. I love what I do 🙂

Praise God that some children who are struggling with reading, writing, and spelling are given a chance to learn these skills through Springboard for Children.