Move over Easter bunny…

Posted on March 30, 2010 by Global Mission Support

"Easter horse" by Mercedes (Thabor Lutheran, Wausa, Neb.)

Easter horse is here!
The front cover of Mercedes’  Operation Thanks-Giving (OT-G) Easter card features a front-and-center cross surrounded by rainbows.  “How nice,” I thought as I looked at it, “to include symbols of covenant and resurrection on an Easter card.”

Then I opened the card and SOLed (snorted out loud).

Easter Horse!  How perfect!  What a wonderful way to capture Easter delight.

Thank you, Mercedes.  Thanks to you and your fellow card makers from Thabor Lutheran Church (Wausa, Neb.).  Your messages of God’s love will bless the lucky missionaries who receive your cards.

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May Easter blessings delight you,  Sue