An unfolding Pentecost story

Posted on May 27, 2009 by admin

smdsc0077-741305Xiao (Nicole) and Annie, two only daughters of the same age, met in the Summer of 2002 in Chuzhou, China. Annie was one of four Global Mission/Amity volunteers working in Chuzhou with Chinese teachers of English; Nicole served as the team’s translator.

The Spirit is at work in both of their lives, growing what was planted that summer. Annie, on the path toward ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is about to conclude her Global Mission/Horizon International Internship with the Bratislava International Church, and about to start a year of residency as a chaplain at Advocate Lutheran General/St. Matthew Center for Health (Park Ridge, Illinois). Nicole graduated with an MBA from Michigan State University on May 8, and was baptized at St. Luke’s Lutheran (Park Ridge, Illinois) on May 10. In September, she will begin her new position with Terex Corporation in Westport, Connecticut.

I am blessed beyond measure by both of these spirited and spirit-led young women, one who calls me “Mommy” and the other who calls me “Mama Sue.”
Sue Edison-Swift

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  1. Nicole Zhang said,

    on June 2nd, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Mama Sue always has a great way to tell stories:) Looking back my journey of seeking the lifetime faith, I am amazed by how the seed planted seven years ago finally grew into a big tree today. I believe it’s God plan to let me meet Annie, Mama Sue, Papa Paul, Jeanne and many Christian friends who have helped me find the anchor. I believe that the Holy Spirit has the power to touch and connect each heart in spite of different nationalities and languages.
    On Pentecost Day, I read Acts 2: 5-7 in Mandarin at Trinity church in Cederburg, Wisconsin. We also had readings in Spain, German, Norwegian and English. Later many people in the congregation told me how impressive it was to realize that people speaking totally different languages could be united with the power of Lord. Personally I believe that Holy Spirit works on us essentially through hearts rather than using languages or rituals. That’s how we all have the direct access to communicate with God and each other, no matter where we came from:)