World Refugee Day

June 20, 2016Newly arrived Somali refugees wait in line to register at the Dadaab camp in northeastern Kenya. Swelled with tens of thousands of recent arrivals fleeing drought in Somalia, the camp has had difficulties absorbing the recent arrivals. The Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, is manager of the camp and on July 25 began moving hundreds of families into new tents.

World Refugee Day is this Monday, June 20th. Lutheran Disaster Response will be taking this day, and all of next week to build awareness around global migration. ELCA Global Mission is already active in response to a number of critical refugee/ migration crises in the global and domestic context. We have relationships both within the ELCA and with global companions through which we provide humanitarian assistance, extend a welcome to the stranger and encourage those in power to work for peace with justice.

Follow along as we explore what is happening both domestically and internationally around global migration, how Lutheran Disaster Response has been involved over the last few years, and how you can be involved.

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