Last week, a flash flood ravaged West Virginia, with at least 23 people confirmed dead, hundreds of homes severely damaged or destroyed and thousands of people left without power.  Due to the nature of flash floods, there was little time to prepare or escape. Thankfully, Camp Luther, in session during the onset, was able to evacuate over 350 children and staff and continue camp at a shelter site.

A post from Camp Luther’s Facebook page read:

Ladies and gentlemen, the Camp Luther staff aren’t likely to sing their own praises–so let me. Please consider the following: In the middle of a major disaster–one large enough to make the national news for 3 straight days–the Camp Luther staff was able to evacuate and move 350+ people over a mile in unfamiliar, flood-stricken territory and were not only able to keep everyone safe, fed, and sheltered but were also able to CONTINUE CAMP!

Think about that for a minute. There are many people who would’ve been hard-pressed to take care of just THEMSELVES under those conditions and the Camp Luther staff was able to pull it off with 270+ campers and 80+ staff coming from 50+ home congregations. That is incredible in my book! (read more)

We thank God for the dedication and of the camp staff and their efforts to keep the children fed, dry, and actively engaged in camp activities.

Lutheran Disaster Response is on the ground assisting those who have been affected by the flooding.  Our network, including our coordinators from West Virginia and neighboring Ohio, along with congregations, synods and  other disaster affiliate organizations, have come together to address the needs of survivors in the flooding in West Virginia. We know that the road to recovery is long. Over the coming months and years, we will walk alongside the people of West Virginia.

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Continue to pray for the people affected by the flooding, may God’s healing presence comfort them in their time of need.


Gifts to West Virginia Flooding designated under U.S. Flooding will be used to assist those directly impacted until the response is complete.


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