The deadly tornado that hit Oklahoma on May 20, as well as the string of tornadoes that struck Texas, Kansas, Illinois and Iowa the last few days, have changed many lives in significant ways. Let us keep all those who have been impacted as well as those providing rescue and relief services to survivors in prayer, trusting God’s hope and strengths will be with them.

Since yesterday afternoon, we have been working very closely with many within in our network to prepare for a multiyear response to this disaster. We want to salute all who are involved in the emergency, rescue and relief work immediately following this terrible disaster. At Lutheran Disaster Response, we are committed to assisting the most vulnerable ones to recover and to find hope and healing over the long haul. We will be among the last to leave the areas, long after the limelight of media have faded. We ask you to join us in our mission.

In days and months ahead, we will use this forum to share with you information and stories relevant to this event. For now, we want to share with you the following links:

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