Moore, Oklahoma is a town with more than 56,000 people.  According to the FEMA report today (May 23), 24 people were killed and more than 300 injured by the EF-5 tornado that touched down Monday.  In addition, more than 1,100 houses were destroyed and about another 200 have sustained damage, with many many more being impacted.  What it means is the life of thousands of individuals have been changed in an instant by this monstrous storm.

 So, you may wonder, “How Can I Help?”

 We want to offer some suggestions that are true for this and all other disaster areas:

  • Do not rush to the impacted area to volunteer right away. If you are a trained “first responder,” be sure to connect with a major organization that could use you before you go. In the chaotic aftermath of a disaster, your presence in these areas will create more problems for the very community you want to help.
  • Affiliate with an organization that has proven records and capacity to organize volunteers. Follow their rules and protocols.
  • Do not donate “stuff” unless they are requested specifically by an organization that has the proven capacity to manage them.  Do not donate used clothing and household items!
  • Do not donate to an organization because they have an “attractive sounding” name.  Frauds are common after disasters. Make sure the organizations you support have the proven record and capacity to use your money wisely.

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As you consider the question of “How can I help?” we want to invite you to join the work of Lutheran Disaster Response to help those impacted by this disaster in months and even years to come. Thank You.

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