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Situation Report: Fires in Rohingya Camps



Be a part of the response:

Please pray for people who have been affected by the fires in the Rohingya camps. May God’s healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need.

Thanks to generous donations, Lutheran Disaster Response is able to respond quickly and effectively to disasters around the globe. Your gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response (Give where needed most) will be used to respond to the fires in the Rohingya camps and other disasters.

To learn more about the situation and the ELCA’s response:

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  • Download the situation report and share as a PDF.

Response to Bangladesh Cold Spell

Distributing Blankets in Bangladesh

Last week a cold spell moved through Bangladesh with temperatures getting as low as 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees F). In response, the ELCA partner RDRS Bangladesh has distributed blankets and wraps to people affected by the cold. Though no appeal has been raised at this point, RDRS will continue to monitor the situation.

To read more, check out this post on the Asian Lutheran Communion website.

Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS) was founded in 1971 following the Bangladesh War of Independence by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). Since 1997 it has been an autonomous organization but has continued to have close ties with the LWF /Department of World Services and its work in Bangladesh.