As people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have had to leave their homes some are finding sanctuary in the local churches. This picture is from a church in Sendai.

Another update from Shinji (Thomas) Nagashima about the situation in Sendai, Japan.


Dear Friends

I am one of the members of Japan Evangelical Lutheran Sendai Church. When this terrible earthquke occured, I was in front of my computer [in] my office. I am an associate proffessor of Tohoku Gakuin University. Tohoku Gakuin University has three campuses. My office is in the Tagajyo campus. Tagajyo is one of the coast areas stricken by [the] tsunami.

[The] Tsunami came near Tagajyo railway station. [The] college chapel [is] filled with people [who got] away from tsunami. One of my co-worker told me that his house was swept away. But his family [is] safe. It’s [a] miracle. Another co-worker told me that he can’t contact his parents. I’m worring about the people who live in the coast area. My many students and co-worker must [have been hit by] the tsunami. I’m trying to contact students. One of them, Abe who lives in Minami Sanriku, which had the largest damage sent me an e-mail. “I am alive! My house was swept away.” I tried to reply [to] him. “If possible, come to my house.” But [my] e-mail couldn’t reach his address.

[The] urban area of Sendai and [the] local area around our house is ok. But as you know, the coast area [has] had terrible damage. The electric power began working in my house, there are few places which electric power is available in Sendai yet. We have to get [in] line to get water and food. I got [in] line yesterday to get food for two hours and I couldn’t stand [the] cold. I called my daughter Maiko by mobile phone to exchange getting [in] line for me. We are managing to survive. There are 6 members in my family. We have parents who need care. They live near my house.

But I would like to go and see my churh, now [that] we have [a] little rice and [a] little gasoline. Newspaper delivery was stopped because of the lack of gasoline. Pastor Fujii let us know that [the] church building is ok. He has the responsibility of two churches (Sendai church and Tsurugaya church) and three nursery schools. He is in need [of] food and gasoline.

We are worrying about the accident of nuclear energy plant too. But our house is far from [the] nuclear energy plant, about 100km(62 miles). Now there is no need to worry about the bad influence on us.

Despite this, we are fine. We eat something everyday. We are laughing everyday. We are praying to God everyday.

Please pray for us. Hope God blesses you all.

Thank you.

Shinji Nagashima

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