Line outside Sendai grocery store

Below is an update from Shinji (Thomas) Nagashima in Sendai of what life has been like in the days following the earthquake and tsunami.


Dear Friends

Today I went to shopping to the neighborhood mall. But it was badly damaged by the earthquake. I went to another shop. Just after me and my wife got in line, one van arrived with vegetable and rice. Fortunately, we got them.

And then I found a few people in front of the next another shop. One clerk said “Sorry, we are busy [cleaning up] the shop. Now we have a few items for sale.” I got some wheat flour! As you can see the photos below, people were getting in line to acquire their necessity.

Almost all gas stations are closed. I found one open gas station. But it is permit only. TV [said] that tank trucks are heading for Tohoku area now.

We exchange information with others during getting in line. We can get useful information from some websites.

The tap water began to run but low pressure.

We are fine. Many people in the coast area are fighting an uphill battle.

Pray for them!

Shinji Nagashima from Sendai

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