Unbelievable to wake up this morning to the news of the Earthquake the impending possibilities of impact from a tsunami.   As with Haiti and so many other situations, the ELCA has a connection to what is happening.  We have two dynamic ways through which we (ELCA) have been present in Chile, both as church and as community organization.

Our Global Mission folks (both in the churchwide office and in the region) have been connecting through-out the morning with folks in Chile, and in Peru (where the church has been actively supporting those who are being evacuated due to the Tsunami warning).

More information will soon be posted at www.elca.org/disaster.

Information on how one can give to help in this response will be at that web link as well.

Prayers…. in addition to your fervent prayers for all whose live have been shaken by this quake, and the family of those who have been lost,  please also pray specifically for the following:
The partner organization of the ELCA who works in providing access to health services, the Popular Education in Health Foundation (Educacion Popular en Salud – EPES), reports that they have been unable to reach five of their workers in the earthquake area.

Thanks,  Dan.

Dan Rift, Director ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal