Early this morning severe storms with high winds, and in some places tornadoes, pounded the South and Midwest. One of the heaviest hit areas was Alabama, where the storms and tornadoes led to two confirmed deaths in Birmingham, AL. Soon afterward the governor declared a state of emergency. Search and rescue work continues in heavier hit Montgomery, AL. We have also heard from our companions in the region that Faith Lutheran Church in Clay, AL was not damaged, but the building has lost power and some members of the congregation have been affected.

The state has also been in the midst of recovery from storms on April 27, 2011 that struck the northwest part of the state. One of the affects of this was major damage to Christ Lutheran in Cullman, AL. You can read more in this Field Report and at the LDR Volunteer page.

In these coming days, please keep all those affected in prayer, that God may bring them comfort. Also, keep the first responders, members of the Southeast synod, Pastor Larry Richardson and Faith Lutheran as well as the Lutheran Ministries of Alabama in prayer, that God may give them strength and patience for the days ahead.

As we learn more please check the ELCA Disaster Response webpage and the Lutheran Disaster Response site for more information. If you are in the area and want to know more please contact Ron Turney (ron.turney@lmal.org) or Heather Turney (heather.turney@lmal.org) of Lutheran Ministries of Alabama (205-259-6480).