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Seismic storm: In the boat together with Jesus beside us

Our advocacy in light of disasters intensified by climate change brought together a group of faith and community leaders for an event hosted in Washington, D.C. by ELCA Advocacy in the spring of 2019. The challenge may be seismic, but the Rev. Amy E. Reumann offered insight and guidance on contemporary issues and scriptural and church resources, preparing us to care in this storm.

The sermon is available in text (pdf available on  and video (message transcends inconsistent quality of available video).

Following are excerpts of the text from which Pr. Reumann preached.

The story [of Jesus calming the storm is] about Jesus’ power and is also a tale of the disciples who are uncertain about their own abilities… Perhaps fear rendered them unable to act.

…But Jesus, after he subdues the seismic event, turns to them, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?”

…Facing the full reality of the climate crises is terrifying. It triggers in me flight or fright. When I dwell on the details, it is immobilizing. As ELCA Advocacy, climate cuts across every issue area that we cover and makes it worse, from food security to national security. From increased migration and refugees to heightened international conflict and local violence. From health care to habitat loss. We have a storm, and it is here, and we are perishing.

…What we are facing as a church, as a nation, as a world, demands all of us be sent out. We are focused as a church on vital congregations and building leaders, but we only need them on a planet that can support human habitation. The offense against climate change must be multifaceted, and there is a part for everyone.

…Jesus has given us what we need. My fervent hope and prayer is that we will chart a course as a church together to persistently and resolutely be bearers of God’s fierce love and deep justice. Peace, be still. We got this. Together in the boat – let us go over to the other side.