Jennifer De Leon, Lutheran Advocacy – Illinois

May 1, 2014


The days are getting longer, so spring must be here. That means that the Illinois Spring legislative session is in full swing and so is Lutheran Advocacy-Illinois. Below are three ways you can get involved!

We are happy to announce that we have made major improvements to our website. On our website you will find a complete list of issues we are working on this session as well as a get involved section where we will highlight specific issues that require immediate attention. Visit us at

Our new Facebook page is also up and running. On our page we will post information about specific campaigns and issues as they are happening in Springfield

10th Anniversary of Lutheran Day

Lutheran Day Illinois.png

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Lutheran Day in Springfield. Please join us on May 13, 2014  in Springfield as we build relationships with public officials, showcase the active engagement of Lutherans in pursuing the common good, and build camaraderie among Lutheran advocates in Illinois. To register and for more information, please go to ​