National priorities reflected in the proposed budget by President Trump would impair many programs that reflect our shared values. The Fiscal Year 2020 budget proposed by President Trump would increase hunger and poverty in our nation and around the world, exacerbating root causes of poverty and heightening migration tensions.

If enacted, the budget would make deep cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Child Nutrition Programs (cut $220 billion from SNAP and $1.7 billion from Child Nutrition Programs), expand the ranks of the uninsured (cut $1.1 trillion from Medicaid), end or impair effective global health and antipoverty programs, and end programs that care for creation and combat climate change (make a 30% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency budget and eliminate essential global climate research funding). At a time when apprehensions at the southern border are at a historic low, maximized funding of a physical barrier at that border is not an effective solution to address border security.

The federal budget reflects our national priorities and promotes the collective common good. We urge Congress to reject this extreme vision for our nation and support a budget that reflects our shared values, as in the bipartisan budget enacted for 2019.