In this election year, we are launching the #ELCAElectionActivator network, a facilitation of monthly virtual gatherings and email messages from the ELCA Witness in Society advocacy team to support and mutually equip our ELCA community in their localities interested in activities encouraging people to participate in the electoral process.



This church understands government as a means through which God works to preserve creation and build a more peaceful and just social order in a broken world. Our “civic participation is not simply voluntary, idealistic, or altruistic. The ELCA holds to the biblical idea that God calls God’s people to be active citizens and to ensure that everyone benefits from the good of government (Jeremiah 29:7, Romans 13:1-7)” (ELCA social message, “Government and Civic Engagement in the United States”, p. 14). This church “also strongly affirms voting, guided by faith-based values, as an exercise in citizenship” (p. 16).

What we do as individuals this election year may include many activities, but the support and equipping of the #ELCAElectionActivator network will be strictly nonpartisan.

As we engage our civic engagement passions as people of faith, there is much we can do – and are doing! Congregations have passed out refreshments at polling stations. Members have volunteered as poll workers and monitors. Church committees have facilitated polling place look-ups and registration assistance in their neighborhoods and social ministries. ELCA-affiliated state public policy offices have helped highlight ballot initiatives that have significant impact for us and our neighbors in their localities. Synods have hosted de-polarizing dialogues.

What have – and can – you do? How’s it going? Let’s share!



An important part of faithful civic engagement is abiding by the law. Any participation by congregations in activities related to the electoral process must be strictly nonpartisan and abide by IRS guidelines. To support this commitment of our #ELCAElectionActivator network, all participants are asked to pledge to only bring nonpartisan initiatives and comments into the dialogue.


  1. SIGNUP: Sign up from .
    • You’ll be asked for basic email and place data.
    • Respond to a few questions helping us get a feel for the experience (not a prerequisite!) and connections in the group.
  2. NONPARTISAN AFFIRMATION: Following your signup, you will be sent an email asking you to affirm your commitment as an #ELCAElectionActivator participant to only bring nonpartisan contributions to the group.
  3. CONFIRMATION: After this is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to virtual #ELCAElectionActivator network meetings as well as occasional, informational emails.

Virtual Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings are planned monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • Two time-slot choices are available: 3 p.m. ET & 8 p.m. ET
  • At this writing, that means: July 23; Aug. 27; Sep. 24; and Oct. 22.

We look forward to expanding what we can do together in faithful civic engagement!