Yesterday, Feb. 15, the Senate failed to pass legislation to protect young Americans without legal status, called Dreamers, from deportation. We are disappointed that politics got in the way of passing sensible and compassionate policy to provide a pathway to citizenship for young people who are incredible assets to our congregations and communities. We pray today for those young people and families who face an uncertain future and reinstate our call for Lutherans to be engaged with those young people locally and through advocacy on their behalf. Our voice as people who express our faith by seeking a more just world for all of God’s children is more important than ever.

Since this administration announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Lutherans have sent out over 1,300 messages and made phone calls to their members of Congress in support of legislation to protect Dreamers. The advocacy of the faith community has been key in ensuring that trafficking protections for children are not taken away as a compromise to pass legislation.

We were dismayed to see yesterday some senators vote for the Secure and Succeed Act, which would take these protections away and would make it harder for families legally present in the U.S. to be together. As members of Congress head to their districts for recess next week, our voices must be strong and unwavering in the face of the administration’s March 5 deadline to end DACA. Continue to follow our social media and connect with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for updates and action opportunities.