Issue 54 of Administration Matters

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is just over 60 days away! Hopefully, you’ve been able to host an anniversary activity. If not, it’s not too late. Consider hosting a “With New Voices” Small Catechism study, a showing of the latest Martin Luther documentary or host a livestream of the ELCA’s Oct. 31 anniversary commemoration. You can access all the resources needed at and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in congregations and synods around the country (and world!) on Facebook and Twitter. So, connect today to share photos of what your congregation and synod is up to for #ELCA500.

Lutheran Disaster Response is here to help

September is Disaster Preparedness month. And what a devastating month it’s been, with many disasters wreaking havoc and destruction, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Several years ago, Lutheran Disaster Response produced a Congregational Disaster Preparedness Guide to help congregations prepare for and respond to a disaster. The free guide can be downloaded as a whole or in three parts. The first section addresses congregational preparedness, the second congregational response and the third section has worksheets congregations can use as they address this work. To save on printing costs, it is only available by download at help with the response go to:

Congregational Audit Guide

An audit should be conducted periodically to review compliance with regulations, ensure the effective operation of the congregation, maintain or enhance its reputation in the community and instill a sense of confidence that all is functioning well.>More

Electricity: powerful tool – lethal hazard

Electricity is a powerful tool. It can also be a lethal hazard. Better safety standards have reduced electrical problems that cause deaths, injuries and property damage, but good safety habits are still the best prevention against electrical accidents. >More

ELCA group tax exemption

Most ELCA organizations are included in the ELCA group exemption filing with the IRS. A certification letter may be requested when you apply for a bulk mailing permit, state sales tax exemption, to receive grant or matching funds, estate settlement or simply for proof of tax exempt status. >More