Issue 53 of Administration Matters

Congregational Ethics Policy

The highest degree of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility is expected of all employees, including the receiving, reporting, and use of funds, property, and time. Employees are responsible for complying with laws, regulations, and congregation’s policies and procedures. >More

Independent Contractor or Employee?

Correctly classifying employees and independent contractors is crucial for each congregation and church entity. Here is a checklist that could help you review employment classification. >More

Legal resources

A reminder that the ELCA has legal resources available on its website at The resources include information on some of the most common legal issues faced by congregations, such as employees and volunteers, tax, sexual misconduct, property, and financial issues. While not a substitute for legal advice, these resources can help point you in the right direction. >More

Church Mutual Insurance free sensors program

Don’t let your church services be disrupted. When it comes to peace of mind concerning church building safety and property damage due to cold weather-related incidents and power outages causing sump pump shut-off, there is an answer. Church Mutual has introduced a free temperature and water sensor program that alerts eligible Church Mutual insureds before damage can occur. >More

Financial best practices for congregations

Creating an environment with financial controls and best practices ensures that the resources entrusted to the church are handled in the best possible ways. It also ensures compliance with accountings rules and regulations. The Financial Best Practices for Congregations presentation highlights key aspects of separating financial duties, safeguarding offerings, handling expenditures, among other items, to ensure proper controls and compliance and assist in reducing the risk of misconduct and audit findings. >More

ELCA Federal Credit Union

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary today, we are excited about the positive financial impact the ELCA Federal Credit Union is having on our members’ lives. We invite you to watch our new video that explains how credit unions operate—and how we are helping our members do more with their money. Please feel free to share this video with members or employees of our congregations, synods and ministries; they are also eligible to enjoy the many great benefits of belonging to our credit union.