Issue 39 of Administration Matters

Health insurance premium reimbursement payment plans
Health insurance premium reimbursement (non-employer coverage) reporting requirements have changed, and if applicable to your setting, non-compliance could result in fines of $100/day per employee. >more

Prep work key to safe mission trips
Each year thousands of people go on mission trips. They have a desire to experience and discover their faith in new and meaningful ways and hope for personal growth while serving others. In all of the excitement, however, it can be easy to overlook necessary logistics preparations. >more

Credit card best practices for congregations
Used wisely, corporate credit cards are a good tool to cover certain approved, business-related expenses, but users have to understand the credit card policies, procedures, spending limits and restrictions. >more

Recommendations for congregation secretaries
The secretary is a required officer of the congregation. While the secretary’s duties may vary from one congregation to another, there are certain tasks that all secretaries should see that are accomplished. >more

The importance of workers’ compensation coverage
Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage in case of an accident. It’s not only important to be prepared, but it’s also the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe for everyone. >more

Spring Checklist
As winter ends, give your building a complete physical—inside and out—to ready it for those warm-weather months ahead. >more