Issue 37 of Administration Matters

Congregations rethink the tradition of gift-giving with ELCA Good Gifts
The average American spends over $700 on Christmas gifts each year. But when we think about the best gifts we have given or received, it is often not the gift itself but the meaning behind the gift that makes it significant. ELCA Good Gifts are a unique way to put the meaning back in Christmas shopping. With more than 50 different gift-giving options at your fingertips, changing the world has never been easier. >more

Why should congregations prepare Narrative Budgets?
Each congregation has a story to tell about how it responds in thanksgiving to the call to serve God’s people. A narrative budget integrates dollars, people and ministry to tell the story of a congregation’s mission and ministry. >more

Candle fires
Candles and fire prevention – keep your church safe during the Christmas and Advent seasons. >more

Reviewing your ministry’s finances is easier than ever at MIF Online
Does your congregation or ministry have investments with the Mission Investment Fund? MIF has introduced a number of convenient features for those investors who use MIF Online services. Sign up for alerts, request balance transfers, download your account transaction history to Excel spreadsheets or QuickBooks and much more. If you are not yet an online user, call MIF customer service representatives toll free at 877-886-3522 to set up online access.  >more

Model constitution – what do you know about it?
Did you know that the model constitution for congregations requires establishing an Audit Committee? Or that the Congregation Council is responsible for the financial and property matters of the congregation? Take a look at the model constitution and see how it compares to your congregation’s. >more