Sometimes pictures are all the words we need. ELCA World Hunger funds support projects in over 55 countries around the world. These are a few ways those funds have been at work:
1. Asia – 2009 ELCA World Hunger funded project, Bangladesh. Companion: RDRS2. Africa – 2010 ELCA World Hunger & ELCA Global Mission supports missionaries in Tanzania. Missionaries provide health care and economic development assistance.3. North America – 2010 ELCA World Hunger supported ministry. Organization: Southeast Asian Ministries, Minneapolis. Refugee services.4. Latin America – 2010 ELCA Disaster Response & Global Mission, Haiti. Organization: Lutheran World Federation-Haiti & Lutheran Church in Haiti. Coordinating services to 800 displaced families.

Thank you for your prayers, your donations and your time. They assist many people all over the world.