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If you’re in one of the 24 states with elections on Super Tuesday and eligible to do so, please go vote tomorrow. Yes, there are lots of reasons to be cynical about politics. Yes, I am annoyed by the seemingly endless rhetoric and finger-pointing. (And isn’t it paradoxical that politicians often reach their highest level of annoying when they’re trying to get you to vote for them?!) But like it or not, laws are created and money is spent through the political process. Important laws and lots of money. Legislation that affects employment, trade, povery, health, peace. Wouldn’t you prefer that the people making proposals and decisions reflect your values and interests?

We’re lucky to live in a place where we are not only allowed, but actually begged, to have our say about who runs our government and how they do it. What so many people in the world would give to have the same! Our system isn’t perfect, but governing is a complex matter – especially when millions of citizens are expected to participate, all with differing opinions. Don’t take for granted this very prized right. Be grateful that your opinion is wanted. Go vote! And if you choose to not vote, to remain quiet when asked, then understand that I won’t be listening when you complain later.